Introducing Ourselves

Coram Deo Academy is a classical, Christ-centered school offering grades K-7. Classes meet Monday – Thursday from 8:30 am – 3:00 PM, Friday from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm and teach all basic subjects: Math, Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, History, Science, and Latin. We also teach P.E., Art, and Music once a week.

Christ-centered Education

Coram Deo is Latin for “in the presence of God,” or more literally, “in the face of God.” We offer up everything at Coram Deo Academy directly to God. We desire for every aspect of our school to glorify and praise Him. The lion on our logo represents Christ, our crowned king of heaven and earth, and it is through Him that we stand before the face of God, laying all things at His feet. We invite you to walk with us in His presence, Coram Deo.

Classical Education: Discover the Difference

Integration: The subjects of grammar, writing, reading, math, science, logic, and history all relate to one another, and are all taught as aspects of one world. We believe that all reality displays God’s wisdom, care, power, and beauty, and all subjects are taught with this philosophy.

Developmental Learning Stages: We teach and form our curriculum based on the three developmental stages of learning called the Trivium. First, we have the Grammar stage in the elementary years. Young children have a vast capacity for building a knowledge of basic facts through memorization, recitation,  and singing. As children reach middle school age, they enter the Dialectic stage.  They begin asking questions of why, when, and how information fits together, so we teach them to organize facts and make arguments in a clear and logical manner. By high school, children have entered the Rhetoric stage. This is a more creative period where students learn to present information effectively and persuasively. So we begin with rote memorization, move on to categorization, and conclude with presentation. If we were to use biblical terminology, we could call these stages of learning 1) knowledge, 2) understanding, and 3) wisdom.

Coram Deo Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools. For more information on the classical Christian model, please visit the ACCS website “The Classical Difference: Bringing Life to the Classroom.”

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call Rev. Donald Van Dyken, Headmaster (509-392-7420) or email

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