Do we and our children know the Bible?

By Rev. Van Dyken

Do we and our children know the Bible? You might think that this is a foolish question. Coram Deo requires at least one parent enrolling their children to be a Christian. One basic requirement of a Christian is that he or she knows and believes the Bible to be the very word of the Lord.

Although it may interest you to know that some of our children know the Bible very well; not so exciting is that many have very little knowledge of the Bible. You need to be aware that our students’ knowledge of or ignorance of the Bible is a reflection of their home life.

In this page I am encouraging you to become involved in the instruction of your children in the ways of the Lord. They need to know Him, to understand Him, and to know whom they must love and obey. We don’t want His rules and laws, and actions to be an abstract set of ideals, but rather to know they come from a loving and all-knowing God who has their salvation and their welfare in mind.

So what should we do at home? Please do set aside a regular time each day to study the Bible; always to know God in Jesus Christ. You might want to devote your evening mealtime to devotions, including prayer and Bible reading. Or you might want to dedicate bedtime story telling to tell them stories from the Bible. Question your children about the passage or story you just read.

Do not neglect the Old Testament, for it records over 4000 years of the way God spoke, promised, and acted. From there you can know how He thinks, what He likes and doesn’t like, what He does when people trust and obey Him, and what He does when people don’t trust and obey Him. You, as a parent, should really be able to give a short history of the words and works of God from creation to the coming of Christ. The New Testament is built on the Old Testament for it contains at least 1,640 quotations from or allusions to the Old Testament.

What we want our children to have is a Biblical worldview, to see reality through God’s eyes. We aim for them to know how to distinguish the truth from the lie, beauty from ugliness, and goodness from evil. At Coram Deo we can’t do that alone; we rely on you to give them God’s eyes through the Bible.


The annual Coram Deo Christmas Program was held on Thursday, December 14 at 7pm in the sanctuary of the Richland Baptist Church, 1632 George Washington Way, Richland.

The students and staff at Coram Deo invite all parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and neighbors to this wonderful event.