Coram Deo Academy

Miss Maria and Grades Two & Three 2013/14

Coram Deo Academy provides first class education

In a culture where we pay for public education, but for many reasons do not participate, we swim upstream. For many families the thought of schooling 3 – 5 children (i.e. Mama) from K-12 is enough to make us check the rates for a vacation in Tahiti. We might want to check out, but don’t. This is an overwhelming task.

Coram Deo Academy can help.

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K-7 Classical School

Miss Kelly and Grades Four and Five -2013/14

Coram Deo Academy offers a full classical school for Kindergarten through 7th grade

Coram Deo Academy will soon be enrolling full-time students for grades K-7 for the 2014/2015 school term. We are adding grades six and seven for 2014/15.

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Supplemental Classes

Coram Deo Academy offers classes to supplement your homeschooling curriculum

Coram Deo Academy has served homeschooling families for eight years teaching supplemental classes for students in grades 7-12. Our desire is to aid parents in providing their children with quality classes in a distinctively Christian environment.

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