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Christ and Christmas

By Rev. Van Dyken

Christmas is the wonderfullest time of the year. We all know where the word Christmas comes from: from the word Christ, of course. But does everybody know what the word Christ means? Maybe you know, and maybe you don’t. I’d like to tell you about the meaning of Christ.

Christ comes from a Greek word very similar to ours. It means “anointed one.” And what does that mean? Until you become familiar with the Old Testament, you’ll never know.

So let’s find out who was anointed in the Old Testament and what it meant:

Let’s begin with Aaron who was anointed as a priest. What did a priest do? He offered the sacrifices he received from the people, and he offered them to God.

Who else was anointed? Kings were, for the Lord sent Samuel to anoint David to be king. And what did a king do? He made peace for the Lord’s people by conquering all their enemies. Then he ruled the people, protected them, and gave them a peace where they could plant and harvest.

Anyone else anointed? Yes, prophets were, for the Lord sent Elijah to anoint Elisha to be a prophet. What did prophets do? The Lord God sent them to speak His words to the people, to tell the people what pleased God and what made Him angry; to tell the people what promises God made.

What has this to do with Christ and Christmas? The prophet Isaiah spoke God’s promise about Christ in these words: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed me.” (Is. 61) Christ is the Anointed One. Anointed to do what? To preach good tidings to the poor. Christ was anointed as a Prophet. Then as a King He was sent To proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound. And as a Priest, He was sent to comfort all who mourn.

This is the Christ: the Anointed of the Lord to be our Prophet who really showed who God was, for He gave His own Son to show us the Father. He was anointed as our King, who conquered death for us. He was anointed as our Priest, who sacrificed Himself not only paying for our sins, but also offering to God a pleasing life for us.

So let’s find out why we are called Christians. It means that in Christ we are to be prophets, telling everyone that Christ’s signature is on every thing in this world. We are to be prophets knowing and telling the truth because Christ is the Truth. As priests we must be willing to offer ourselves in service to our God and to others, to parents, to teachers, to friends, and to classmates. As kings through Christ we conquer sin, we rule our feelings, our tongues, and all the things God has given us.

And this is what Coram Deo Academy is all about: knowing Christ and growing as Christians.

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